ADVOCATE Roman Rusin

High-quality legal assistance and services provided by an English-speaking Advocate for You and Your business.

My goal is to achieve the most efficient results in defending the rights and interests of my clients!

Legal Services
Support for investment projects
  • business-entity creation;
  • checking contractors;
  • support during the investment process;
  • due diligence;
  • legal support for real estate transactions;
  • trade secrets protection.

  • start-ups support;
  • business-model creation;
  • protection of copyright, personal data, trade secrets;
  • support for merging and scaling projects;
  • tax reporting and support;
  • IT contracts support.

Family law

  • support for divorce processes;
  • division of property;
  • recovery of maintenance;
  • family law consulting;
  • advice on family law issues;
  • registration of inheritance;
  • settlement of relations with a foreign spouse.

Administrative law

  • disputes with the tax and customs authorities;
  • representation of clients’ interests when dealing with state and local authorities;
  • preparing documents within the framework of an administrative case;
  • protection of clients’ interests within the cases of administrative offenses.

Commercial law

  • litigation support;
  • debt recovery;
  • contractual support;
  • checking contractors;
  • anti-raider protection;
  • bankruptcy cases;
  • execution of the amicable settlement.

Criminal law

  • protecting rights and interests within the framework of a criminal case;
  • gathering evidence and preparing documents;
  • developing a line of defense for a defendant or suspected offender;
  • support during investigative activities;
  • restoration of property, release from attachment, restoration of rights;
  • appeal of judgment and actions.

Labor law

  • legal support before signing employment agreements and contracts;
  • legal advice on layoffs, dismissal, hiring, staff transfers, changes to working conditions, etc.;
  • debt collection from the earned income;
  • pre-trial resolution of employment disputes as well as disputes regarding the conclusion and implementation of labor contracts;
  • settlement of labor disputes with an employer.

Contract law

  • developing and editing contracts’ subject of any complexity;
  • contract termination and its rescission;
  • legal review of international contracts;
  • participation in negotiations with contractors;
  • developing protocols of disagreements, coordinating with contractors;
  • full legal support for business deals.

Sports law

  • legal support for sports clubs;
  • defending sportsman rights;
  • developing contracts for players;
  • corporate and organizational aspects of sports business;
  • cooperation with sports federations and associations;
  • developing labor, transfer and advertising agreements.

Jus est ars boni et aequi

Work methods
  • Consulting services (online/offline) - a long-standing experience in providing services has allowed for developing efficient ways of solving legal issues of different complexity and forecasting them in advance, making quick analysis.
  • Outsourcing - individual approach ensures complex professional assistance and legal support for your business on a regular basis all over the world.
  • Subscriber-based service - serves as a guarantee and preventing measures for time efficient solving different labor, tax, commercial and corporate issues on a regular basis.
A brief introduction of myself

My legal career started in 2001. I have been working as a lawyer for over ten years. During this time I have got significant competencies, built a strong partnership with notaries, chambers of commerce and industry and law offices throughout Ukraine and all over the world.
I am also engaged in scientific and teaching activities, and a candidate of sciences and an associate professor.

During conflict resolution procedures, my goal is not only to protect the customer’s rights, but also to shield him or her against threats, and a professional approach. That’s why the majority of new clients become steady customers.

Roman Rusin


I have a stellar reputation and huge expertise in investment, civil, family, criminal, administrative, labor, commercial law as well as other fields of law. Over the course of my career I have successfully provided my services on the professional legal services market of Ukraine and is ready to dependably and comprehensively protect the interests of my clients and to provide support for their business 24 hours a day, working both online and out in the field.

Among benefits:

  • over 20-year experience;
  • English-speaking lawyer;
  • focus on business;
  • out-of-the-box solutions;
  • result-focused work;
  • long-term thinking.
The feedback of my customers

"Well-spoken words bring satisfaction, well-done work has its own payoff..."

CCI of the Mykolaiv oblast(Ukraine)
Thanks from the management for your complete legal support.
Dennis Lukens(USA)
I am grateful for your help in starting up, managing and supporting my soccer club PFC "Shipbuilders".
We are pleased to be clients of a qualified lawyer, thanks for your work with our contracts and customers.
iWebSite(United Kingdom)
Thank you for your assistance in the establishment of our company and its operation. Without a doubt, we recommend you for business registration abroad.
Ukrainian academy of leadership(Ukraine)
Great specialist, helped us with the establishment and launching our project.
Taxi UA Company(Ukraine)
Thanks to Roman Mihaylovich for his help in the establishment and development of our company. Glad to continue our partnership.
Thank you for protecting our business reputation. Professional work!
We are happy to be your clients for many years!
Lyudmyla Kravchuk(Italy)
Thank you for solving non-standard tasks quickly and efficiently. It's a pleasure to cooperate with you.
We are grateful for your legal support in the establishment of our football club. It is good to know that our interests are protected as they should.
VZR(Great Britain)
Thank you for 24/7 support - your help was very necessary in resolving a corporate issue.
Saxe Cars(Germany)
Thanks for covering issues with customs authorities and non-stop support! We are glad to subscribe for your services.